Boat Types:
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Dinghies are small sloops, generally 15 ft. (4.7 m) or less.

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mainsail, jib, foresail, topsail, gaff spinnaker
      Gaff rigged sloop                 Spinnaker for downwind reaches
  genoa sail

halyard, outhaul   jib-sheets
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The mainsheet is the line connecting the boom to the boat which controles the angle of the sail.
mainsheet mainsheet   mainsheet traveler
APS - Mainsheet Systems
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reach, quadrant, sailing, wind direction, running, close hauled

Olympic sailing:
470 - Two Person Dinghy
49er - Skiff
Finn - One Person Dinghy (Heavyweight) men
Laser - One Person Dinghy men
RS:X - Windsurfer men
Star - Keelboat
olympic sailing classes
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America's Cup
Match races between two sailing yachts. One yacht, known as the defender, represents the yacht club that currently holds the America's Cup and the second yacht, known as the challenger, represents the yacht club that is challenging for the cup. The timing of each match is determined by an agreement between the defender and the challenger. The America's Cup is the oldest international sporting trophy.

america-1851 volunteer-1887 courageous-1977 black-magic-1995 orcle-team-usa-2013

Abeam - BOA - breadth overall (of the ship) Bermuda Rigged - Triangular main sail.
Cat rigged - One triangular main sail. No jib.
Jibe - Turning your stern through the wind when reaching downwind, so the wind direction changes from one side of the boat to the other. Mark - Buoy marking a turning point in a race course
Mark-Room - Room required in rules for a boat to negotiate a turn around a mark.
Overlap - When the foremost point of one boat crosses a line abeam the aftermost point of another
LOA - Length Overall
LWL - Waterline Length
Tack - Turn the bow of the boat through the wind so the wind exerts pressure on the opposite side of the sail.

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America's Cup
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Basic Sailing: Boat Types
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