last updated 2 Sept 2019

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Beginner - DJI GO 4 App: Menu > Accademy Modes:
3 modes
1. Gesture control with no controller.
Hold it in front of you it will recognize your face
Tap on/off and it will take off and hover in front of you
Use hand gestures to control it up to 98 ft away.
Enable advanced gestures in app

2. Use the DJI GO App on your mobile device without the contoller.
Limited distance
Limited control

3. Use the remote controller with your phone connected.
You attach your phone to the controller to change settings and see what the camera sees.
Much easier to control.

Basic startup:
Hit the power button on the controller once then hold for 2

See function descriptions.

The User Manual at DJI
The manual is not good; Use the videos.

Instruction Videos:
For Drone Beginners: 15 Tips to Prevent Crashes and Flyaways Says:

Fly your drone when at least ten satellites are found, and the GPS icon is followed by more than 4 bars. Strong GPS signal is crucial for a safe flight.
I called support and they said that 10 satellites is only for flying in the mountains. You only need a good GPS signal. That doesn't make any sense.

Spark Videos – DJI
Jeven Dovey - YouTube has spark instruction videos.
  DJI Spark Beginners Guide - Get Ready to Fly!
  Best Settings For Cinematic Footage with the DJI SPARK
  DJI Spark Beginners Guide to the CONTROLLER

Antenna should be perpendicular to the line of site to the drone.
Avoid flying with the drone directly overhead. The drone has better reception with a signal coming slightly from the side.
... >  > Button Customization
Fn - toggle Map/Live View
Button on back - Camera Forward/Down

Lost connection and disappeared - Common problem.
One analysis RTH height was not high enough to clear objects in the way.

Ensure that the controller is within 0.66 ft of the aircraft during linking.
Connect to controller wifi on on your smart phone
Set Wi-Fi to 5.8 GHz for less interference

(2) Video Drone - DJI Spark How to Download from SD card using DJI Go4 App! - YouTube

For flying indoors - it would always be advised to MANUALLY select ATTI mode to prevent any possible GPS affected actions. GPS signal can be received indoors but is usually erratic and unreliable / weak. The last thing you want is to have any reception while near windows etc. Flying indoors | DJI FORUM

Errors - problems:
Warnings with red background are serious
yellow background is not serious

First time flying a drone? Don't make these mistakes - Drone Rush

Gamble motor overload:
Make sure nothing, like grass at takeoff, is touching the camera. It usually takes a minute after takeoff before that message goes away
I had a little sand stuck in mine once. A gentle roll of the gimbal fixed it

Downward vision system error:
Try to reboot the drone, if it still exists, you need to send the drone in for repair.

When the app displays that there is an error with the aircraft, you can stop the motors by pushing both sticks to the bottom inner or outer corners.

It will normally only charge one battery at a time even of there are more in the charging hub.

Glossary/Terms: See also General Drone Terms