When something goes wrong I always try to find something good in it. It may only be how I screwed up and learned what not to do in the future.

Clinton's campaign kept calling to get me to go to Philadelphia as part of voter registration and the get out to vote effort. I felt bad that was too busy fixing up my house to sell and I didn't go.
PA's 20 electoral votes would not have been enough to change the results anyway.

The only good thing I've been able to come up with so far as a result of this election is I've learned some new words and a better definition of more common words. I'm vocabulary challenged.

See 2016 election Glossary

Other more well known terms which have become more prominent:

Susan Keller compiled a more comprehensive list of possible benefits from the election.

Also, Dan Rather has created a media company that promotes his vision of real journalism, news of integrity and as he would say a "play no favorites, pull no punches" brand of reporting. News And Guts. In these turbulent times, we seek nothing more than the truth.

Miscellaneous Comments:

Male White Government
George W. Bush First confirmed cabinet 83% 74% 96% 4% 0%
Barack Obama First confirmed cabinet 65% 52% 87% 4% 0%
Donald Trump Nominees as of Jan. 26, 2017 82% 86% 55% 9% 9%
Source: Trump's $6 Billion Cabinet: Bloomberg.com

Tough talking leaders are popular at first but fade. E.g. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, George W. Bush's Axis of Evil (Iran, Iraq and North Korea) and Shock and Awe campaign against Iraq resonated with a large group of people.
However Silvio Berlusconi, Itallian Prime Minister, to whom Trump has been likened, served for 9 years.
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