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La Entrada

Street in town

Small Home outside of town for a family of four.
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La Entrada ("The entrance to the department [state] of Copán) is a small market town 84 mi. (1 1/2 hrs.) west of San Pedro Sula. The population is about 16,000 in town and 30,000 including the surrounding rural areas. The western highway (CA 4) splits at La Entrada; the northern road (CA 11) goes to the Copán Ruins and the southern branch (CA 4) goes to Santa Rosa de Copán and onto the El Poy border with El Salvador and Agua Caliente border with Guatemala.


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Official Name: Municipalidad de Nuevo Arcadia , La Entrada de Copán (The entrance to the department [state] of Copán). (also referred to as Salida [exit] a Florida)
Population: 15,000
Locataion:Lat - 15.06°N, Lon - 88.74°W
Western Highway (CA 4) 84 mi. West of San Pedro Sula
Elevation:1,627 ft.

Hotel El San Carlos
Tel: 504 661 2228, 2187, 2377
Group rate: $24/room (double occupancy)/night
Food: $8-12 / meal

Internet Access:
CompuPrint (Henry) 1/2 block west of Hotel San Carlos

Money & Banks: I couldn't find any ATMs (Cajeros Automaticos) in La Entrada.
VISA: Banco Atlantida - 4 blocks east of Hotel San Carlos
(Need Passport to get cash)

American Express: I couldn't find any banks which would give cash advances on American Express cards, but Banco Atlantida and Banco de Occidente exchange Traveler's checks.
See financial services in San Pedro Sula for American Express and other Visa locations.

Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church (LCPC) Hearts for Honduras Project
Since 1997 the Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church has been helping the people of Honduras by building homes, a church, a school and providing dental care. See the LCPC Project Page.

El Puente Archaeological Site
Located 4km west of town of La Entrada, is the second most important archaeological site in Honduras. The detour is marked by a sign on the road. There is a distance of 7 km between the road and the site itself. The area is perfectly safe to hike in, however, you can arrange for a pick up to take you to the visitors center. "El Puente "has only been opened to the public since January 1994, making it a site well off the usual path of tourists. The visitors center is equipped to provide the day visitor with information and basic services, such as rest rooms, a small restaurant, etc. A great complement to the site is the museum of anthropology at La Entrada.

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