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One of the earliest American explorers described the Owens Valley as containing "ten thousand acres of fine grass." Today, it is mostly arid. As told in Marc Reisner's book, Cadillac Desert and depicted in the motion picture, Chinatown, this once-fertile farmland, populated with fruit trees, was the victim of California's Water Wars of the 1940s in which water rights to the Owens River were obtained by Los Angeles. Today, a third of LA's water leaves the valley through a great aquaduct. Court rulings and actions by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power have helped restore fish habitat along the river, making it again one of the finest fly fishing streams in the West.
Source: Inyo County travel guide - Wikitravel


To Bishop To Lone Pine
From time Miles From time Miles
Reno * 3:40 200 Reno 4:40 260
Los Angeles 4:20 275 Los Angeles 3:25 210
Las Vegas 4:30 270 Las Vegas 4 232
Sacramento 5 272 Sacramento 6 331
Fresno 5 222
San Francisco 6:10 320 San Francisco 7 454
* Note above times are from mapquest and yahoo maps. Google maps give longer times. I ran these in December, so it's possible google compensated for snow.

There is a small airport [Mammoth Yosemite Airport (760) 934-3813]located in Mammoth Lakes, CA, which is located approximately 50 miles from Bishop.


Source: Univ. of Wisconsen
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