The "Battle of Bound Brook" was fought on April 13, 1777, when Lieutenant General Lord Charles Cornwallis launched a four-ronged attack on the village of Bound Brook. One account says it was an attempt to capture Major General Benjamin Lincoln and Brigadier General Anthony Wayne, who made their headquarters in the Philip Van Horne House another says it was a foraging run to get food supplies at Bound Brook needed by the starving British. (The Van Hornes, who had loyalist leanings, were enjoying the protection of the British in New Brunswick. American soldiers defeated the British under who fled back to New Brunswick.

Map by Johann Ewald depicting the Bound Brook area and the plan of attack. New Brunswick is at the bottom, and the Bound Brook outpost at the center. British movements are drawn in red.
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The 2nd week in April the Heritage Trail Association (732) 356-8856 sponsors a Battle of Bound Brook Event with a Ceremony at the Old Stone Bridge just N of the bridge between Bound Brook and S. Bound Brook. Battle Reenactment on grounds of Ukrainian Orthodox Church at Easton and Davidson Ave. in South Bound Brook.

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