A October, 2006 NPR report, School, Study, SATs: No Wonder Teens Are Stressed, says:
Many teens trying to get into top colleges, are overworked, overscheduled and overstressed -- and it's taking a toll on the mental health and development of a number of teens.
To help teenagers cope, the American Academy of Pediatrics is launching a new Web site where teens can go and design their own stress-reduction plans, described by the doctors as a "prescription for balance."

In "Inside the Asian Pressure Cooker" at IMDiversity.com, Pueng Vongs writes:
"It's become cliché: Asian parents browbeat their kids into pursuing prestigious professions in technology, medicine or law, and their children suffer the resulting stress and depression."

"Asians. Chinese, Filipino and other Pacific Islander youths topped the charts of groups reporting symptoms of depression in a survey of middle school kids taken by the San Francisco Unified School District in 2001, in numbers disproportionate to their population."

The Academic Achievement Challenge - by Jeanne S Chall

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