"There's scientific evidence that multitasking is extremely hard for somebody to do, and sometimes impossible," says David Meyer, a psychology professor at the University of Michigan. Chronic high-stress multitasking also is linked to short-term memory loss."
See New Studies Show Pitfalls Of Doing Too Much at Once at U. Mich., 2003

DR. EDWARD HALLOWELL, A PSYCHIATRIST in Sudbury, Mass., has seen the fallout of multitasking mania: it walks through his door five days a week.
See: Help! I've Lost My Focus, Time Magazine, Jan 16, 2006

A 2005 study (commissioned by Hewlett-Packard) of 1,000 adults by Dr. Glenn Wilson, at the University of London, found that their intelligence declined as tasks were interrupted by incoming e-mails and texts. The average reduction of 10 IQ points, though temporary, is more than double the four-point loss associated with smoking cannabis.
Women were less affected than men. Their average decline in IQ was five points, compared with 15 for males, suggesting women are better at multitasking, Wilson said.

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