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Notes from Mindfulness Daily

Beginners Mind:
Beginner's mind is the mind that sees with fresh eyes, with interest and openness, the many fresh possibilities.
Neuroscientists at University of Toronto have demonstrated that mindfulness training leads to more accurate observation and clarity of perception. With mindfulness, we're seeing things as they are now, rather than bringing a backlog of history, filters, and interpretations.
Watch a toddler marvel at new things a rock, leaf, bug and imagine what they are thinking. This is beginners mind.

It opens a doorway to creative solutions. As we step out of habitual thought, our intuitive knowing becomes available. Like Steve Jobs or Marie Curie or Henry Ford, we can see outside the box, we respond in new ways.

RAIN is a tool for working with difficult emotions in any situation. It will direct your attention in a clear, systematic way that helps cut through confusion and stress.
The R of RAIN is "recognize what's happening," the A of RAIN is "allow life to be just as it is," the I of RAIN is "investigate your experience with a gentle attention," and the N, "nurture with kindness.">

last updated 8 July 2021