Most top-mount faucets have a base plate; a bottom-mount's parts will mount independently through the sink holes.
The first and hardest part is getting the old one off.
  • Shut off the water supply (usually a valve under the sink)
  • Open the faucet to relieve the pressure
  • Use a basin wrench to reach the coupling nuts behind the basin.
  • When the nuts are loose bend the risers slightly so that can be pulled out of the faucet and supply fittings.
  • Use the basin wrench to loosen the mounting nuts.
    If the faucet is old and the nuts are corroded, first spray penetrating oil on the threads.
    Leave it overnight if possible.
    If this doesn't help use a small cold chisel and hammer to gently tap the nuts to break them loose.
    The last resort is to saw thru the nut with a hacksaw blade.
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last updated 12 Mar 2016