We currently have 6 people signed up for the trip. The minimum to run the trip is 8, but we are on schedule to go, based on past years when we get more signups as the date approaches. However, you should hold off making reservations and not rely on my un-scientific prognostications.

I have forms from 4 of you. If you sent me your forms and I haven't acknowledged it let me know. I am also involved in the Sierra Club's "Beyond Coal" campaign and marcellus shale fracking for natural gas issues in eastern Pennsylvania and may have missed some mail.

Our current group for Intro to Backpacking are from:
   Reed City, MI
   Philadelphia, PA 2
   Savannah, GA
   Brownwood, TX (pending move)
   Fairhope, AL
So far I have not shared your email addresses or contact information for privacy.
Let me know if you would rather keep your contact information private, otherwise I will start sharing it so you can arrange ride sharing from the Reno airport or to share any other information about the trip.

Snow is the lowest this time of year at Soda Springs (Norden) in the last 7 years since I have been tracking it. Last year there was 75 inches at the beginning of Feb. this year there is 18 inches. Our problem in the past has been finding a snow free camp sight and stream crossings which do not require a boat in July, this year it may be finding water. :-)

Trip web site:

Feel free to call if you have any questions.

Don (732) 560-0369

last updated 12 Feb 2012