A couple of notes about Clair Tappaan Lodge (CTL)

Where to park, lockers, Check-in, refrigerator, Where to go when you arrive:
19940 Donner Pass Road (old Hwy 40), Norden/Soda Springs   39.318, -120.351
Note: Just east of the parking area the road goes from Nevada County into Placer Co. and the street numbers jump from 19000 to 58000. This causes a problem with Google maps which puts CTL up the road. Google directions may send you to Boreal Ridge ski area and Bunny Hill Dr., which doesn't go though. Yahoo or Mapquest work better.
There is a drop-off area accessible by driving up the road toward the Cal Lodge by the new Clair Tappaan sign. You can walk past the Cal Lodge and down the trail to the yard behind CTL. There are carts there you can use to transport your luggage from your car.
  There is a small parking area below the lodge. The steep path of about 260' up to the Lodge starts here. The main parking area is across the road.
More directions at https://donsnotes.com/ctl/index.html#directions.
Check-in - Finding your room:

There is no concierge ;>) and the main office may be closed. Francy, Susan and I will be around, but may be helping others find their rooms.
When you go in the north entrance by the back yard there will be a shelf with a phone and a list of room assignments.
You can just go up to your room or hang out in the Living Room (Lewis Clark Rm) or yard until we find you.
Sleeping Arrangements:
Be prepared for a rustic lodge experience - there is nothing fancy about this place, and it serves as the perfect setting to get us in the mood to be out backpacking. The lodge manager assigns the beds based on the other groups he has there at the time, so we may be using mens and womens dormitories. There are some rooms called cubicles, and they are VERY small - a bunk bed with a narrow aisle. It's possible that we will be assigned to the cubicles. Shared bathrooms are down the hall, so bring shorts and a t-shirt to walk around in the halls in. You will be hiking your gear from the parking area to the lodge up a lot of steps or over a dirt road, so keeping it light helps. When we are out on the trail we can leave our extra stuff at the lodge, and if you bring a small padlock, you can lock up valuables in lockers.
You can call CTL , (800) 679-6775, if you have any concerns/wishes.
See https://donsnotes.com/ctl/index.html#rooms
There are lockers at the lodge to lock up your valuables, so bring a small lock if you want to use them.
Refrigerators are available in the downstairs lounge. You are welcome to use them for wine/beer for use in moderation or w/ dinner if you desire. Please mark items with name and departure date.
There is maze of stairs to get around in CTL, so several smaller pieces of luggage will be easier than one large one.
There is more about the Lodge at https://donsnotes.com/ctl/
and on their information sheet https://donsnotes.com/ctl/info_sheet.html
Our web site with previous bulletins: https://donsnotes.com/ctl/introtobackpacking/index.html
Don Mobile 848 203-4814
last updated 13 July 2012