Below is a message Francy sent last year with the top five questions from Backpacker Magazine's Gear Pro.

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  I thought this might be of interest and answer some questions. Enjoy!

The Best of Gear Pro
You asked, gear editor Kristin Hostetter answered. Here are the top five most read Gear Pro Q&As of all time. 2011
Q: Do you have any suggestions on camp shoes?  
Don's comments: "Kristin at Backpacker recommends Crocs (click above). They cost 30 bucks, but you can also find knock-offs for half that price. They seem to be the most popular now they can also be used for water crossings and can be strapped to the outside of your pack. They're also good for gardening."
I use Sanuks they squish down flat and are closed toe so you get less crud under your foot.
I also use Keens, they're good for around town in the summer and also serve as water shoes.
Q: Is naked warmer when sleeping in a down bag?
Q: How good are the alcohol stoves at high elevations and/or any elevation?
Q: Down versus synthetic sleeping bags: What's the deal?
Q: Trekking poles
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