Some more gear questions and tips from other participants.

Eating Utensils:
Camp dinners the way I used to do them were 1 bowl affairs and I got by with only a sierra cup. Image attached.
Francy and Susan are planning something better, dinner is usually served in courses. Soup , main dish, desert. You can still get by with a sierra cup, but a coffee cup for a drink and a bowl for the rest will work. You get get good at cleaning your plate, licking is allowed, to get ready for desert. We try not to use too many or no paper towels to be environmentally friendly.

We will have some mesh bags to leave your utensils in to dry after washing them, but you might want your own.
I've tried a variety of things, including those plastic food storage bowls you get at the grocery store. My general guidelines are:
Something that allows nesting your cup in your bowl to take up less space.
Something that is smooth (no ridges or hard corners) for ease of cleaning.

Trail snacks (gorp, trail mix):
We'll supply baggies for this, but I also like to keep one of those small juice bottles you get at the airport. It's easier to share by pouring a little out. We don't reach into food containers to avoid spreading germs.

See Francy's Equipment detail notes from last year at:
and my notes on camp kitchens at:

Participant Tips:
Cate found a good price on plastic bowls at WalMart. See her message below.

Cate found some Mountainsmith poles for $19 and Lara found some Komperdell poles both at Sierra Trading Post ( I have some Komperdell poles and the've been fine. We'll see how the Mountainsmith poles work.
See for places to shop,
and for information on poles.

Cate's message:
I found some very lightweight divided plates with lids at walmart that I think will work perfectly for sandwiches, chips and cookies for lunches. You might want to pass that along to the others. They were very cheap, you could get two for under $3. I bought a plastic kids cereal bowl for about $2 there too.

You can pass along the info that Sierra Trading Post has great deals on all sorts of clothes, poles, etc. I bought a pair of Columbia trousers with the zip off legs for only $22. I think Cabelas had them for 3 times that Sierra Trading Post also carries great deals on all types of long underwear. I got a pair of Mountainsmith Trekking poles for $19 and they are adjustable. I have used them and they are great. I also found some great little cutlery sets that are plastic that snap together for $2.30 each set. Just thought I would pass that along as all this gear can get expensive

If you have time check out Francy's messages from last years trip.
I got busy with a reception for my son a couple of weeks ago and have not been been as prolific.

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PS: attached is an updated roster with some minor additions.

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