I got back from California earlier this week after a birthday dinner with my son and finding the trail from Lower to Upper Lola Montez.
Hope you have all recovered from the trip and are invigorated. Several other people got the colds several of us had on the trip but they seemed to be milder out of the thin dry air.
Final Exam:
 I attempted a final exam:
What is the best way to avoid  bears.
a. Put a piece of sushi in your partners pack and run the other way.
b. Hike with a partner who is slower than you are.
c. Wear a neckless of garlic

What is the main animal danger in the high Sierra.
a. alligators
b. rattlesnakes
c. porcupines
d. mosquitos

 but gave up.  I need someone like Mike with a better imagination.

If you want to take a quiz try,   http://planetanimals.com/logue/Quiz.html
We've got 7 so far, Thanks
That's all you have to do to get your completion certificate: https://tioga.sierraclub.org/TripEval/ Trip # 12125A
Cloud computing apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, picassa, Flickr, ... allow me to share photos with you, but you have to sign up to share with me. If you don't want to sign up you can just email me the pictures and I'll post them on our web site. Matt and Cate's pictures are there: https://donsnotes.com/ctl/introtobackpacking/pictures.html
Trip Summary:
I posted a trip summary at, https://donsnotes.com/ctl/introtobackpacking/itinerary.html
One of the PCT through hikers we met at Peter Grubb Hut recommended the gravity water filter so I added it to my water purification page: https://donsnotes.com/recreation/water_purification.html#products
Happy trails, Don

last updated 11 Aug 2012