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The earth's axis is tilted 23.4° relative to the plane of rotation around the sun (It varies from 21.5° to 24.5° with a 41,000 year periodicity.) At the summer solstace (June 20 or 21st) the sun is directly overhead at the Tropic of Cancer and there is 24 hrs. of daylight inside the artic circle.
The area bounded by the Tropic of Cancer on the north and Tropic of Capricorn on the south is known as the "tropics."

Regions - Population:
United Nations 2006 population revision (Millions)
2005 2050 2005 2050
World 6,515 9,191
Asia3,9385,266 60.4%57.3%
Europe731664 11.2%7.2%
Latin America and the Caribbean558769 8.6%8.4%
Northern America332445 5.1%4.8%
Oceania3349 0.5%0.5%
More developed regions1,2161,24518.7%13.5%
Less developed regions5,2997,94681.3%86.5%
Least developed countries7671,74211.8%19.0%
Other less developed countries4,5326,20469.6%67.5%
- More developed regions: They comprise all regions of Europe plus Northern America, Australia/New Zealand and Japan (see definition of regions).
- Less developed regions: They comprise all regions of Africa, Asia (excluding Japan), Latin America and the Caribbean plus Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia (see definition of regions)
Source: United Nations (POPULATION AGEING)
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Name      Size    % of earth
Pacific  69,375,000 sq mi 35% 
Atlantic 41,105,000 sq mi 21%
  North Atlantic
Indian   28,900,000 sq mi 15%
Arctic   14,056,000 sq mi  7%
Antarctic or Southern
All      141,600,000 sq mi 72%
The Earth's Oceans
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