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Davis has a testing program administered bu UC Davis.

Dr. Sheri Belafsky, director of the medical surveillance program at the UC Davis School of Medicine's Department of Public Health Sciences said, "We'd like to encourage all members of the community who feel like they have need for it to take advantage of it,"

High on the list of those who should are high-risk populations and individuals with significant public contact, including first responders, healthcare workers, teachers and daycare providers, service workers and those working at community organizations or the city.
But people who will be traveling over the holidays or will have family visiting should also consider getting tested.

If you are a UC Davis employee or student who is accessing these facilities at least once a week, you must be tested weekly.

It uses A rapid saliva-based COVID-19 test developed by UC Davis.
You make an appointment and go into one of three testing locations around town where you spit into a testube.
It is a PCR molecular diagnostic test.

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