See David McRitchies tools list for updates.

Tools/Utilities: Time&date

Calculators:  Scientific CalculatorMartindale's Calculators,  A Google search on"calculator" displays an online calculator and links to more online calculators.

Count Words, Chars, HTML Tags: Word Frequency CounterWord/Character Count (ads),  HTML Tag Count
Create HTML coding:  Get image data with Javascript (or use CacheViewer :: Add-ons for Firefox a Firefox addon),  Real-time HTML EditorBest Online HTML Editor – convert WYSIWYG ⇄ HTML Source,   Alphabetize Text Words (online)Alphabetize a text or word listNumber Each LineReverse Text Generatorsql - help to get rid of HTML special chars in database - Stack (online tools to fix/change text and html),  HTML Character Encoder/Decoder ToolASCII / EBCDIC Code ConverterUnicode Text ConverterHex to Decimal ConverterDecimal to Hex Converter

CSS/HTML syntax/validation:  HTML 4 ElementsHTML 4 AttributesGlobal attributes - HTML5
Validation:  The W3C Markup Validation ServiceWeb ValidationSite check (untested),  W3C Link Checker (prefer Firefox "Pinger" extension),  W3C CSS Validator
CSS: Full property tableSelectorsAdvanced CSS selectorsCSS/Properties - W3C Wiki
related:  Dave Raggett's Intro to CSSSymbols

Colors: HTML Color PickerHTML Color NamesSafe ColorsColor PalettesLists of colors  (compact),  {{Desktop App: ColorPic}}

Some HTML-5 NAV and header:  HTML5structural elementsHTML/Elements/headernav element

File Conversions:  Convert Web Page to PDF - #1 Web to PDF ConverterConvert Word Documents to Clean HTMLFree Video Converter, Any Video Converter Freeware: Convert any video to MP4/WMV/MP3 for mobile devicesHow to Convert Files to a Different Format with Free ToolsJSON to CSV ConverterOnline converter - convert video, images, audio and documents for freeOnline Image ConverterPDF Converter - Convert to PDF Online Free

Maps and GPS:  GPS Coordinate Converter, Maps and InfoGPS Visualizer: Convert GPS files to plain text or GPX,  (bookmarklets: [LatLong:])

Pattern Generation:  Create a New Pattern :: COLOURloversFree Pattern Generators: Here's 8 Tools You Want To Bookmark - Hongkiat Pattern Generator - 20 Tools For DesignersPatternizer - Stripe Pattern Generator ToolRepper Patterns ' Online Demo

Screen Captures install to use: PicPick (free for personal use), Snipping Tools (Windows: SnippingTool.exe), Screen Capture and clipping on other devices. Copy & Paste

Sorting:  Sort Text Lines (bookmarklets: for sorting text and HTML entities)

Spelling and Grammar checking:  Online Text Correction.  I maintain a list of about 700 words in Evernote that I add to any new browser or software maintaining a dictionary.  For Firefox running on a big laptop I use the Firefox extension “After the Deadline - Spell and Grammar Checker” and it is probably best to leave such work for a computer that you would actually be doing updates from, but this might prove useful in some situations, such as a couple of paragraphs written into Evernote .

Text Compare:  Diff CheckerCompare/optionsHTML Diff service (urls)File Comparison ToolsRepeated Words/Phrases (now requires free acct, not retested),

Weights & Measuresfree web metric conversion tools in javascript @ metric conversions . orgOnline Conversion - Weight and Mass Conversions

zipcode tools:  Find ZIP Codes Inside a Radius

Mixed tool collections: images⇆ASCII, business cards, color generator/picker,

More tools:  10 Excellent Tools for Responsive Web DesignCut & Paste HTML to JavaScript converterfree web metric conversion tools in javascript @ metric conversions . orgHTML to JavaScript convertor - Transforms blocks of HTML into JavaScript document.write() statements | Developer Tools | AccessifyTools And Plugins To Create A Responsive Website - 48 ItemsJavascript Calculator Generator

Sharing Desktop: Mikogo (Share desktop view with Windows / Mac / Linux desktop with others in real-time from their browser including viewable from mobile devices.  (presenter / user).)

Source: See David McRitchies tools list for updates.

last updated 12 Apr 2016