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Nested Domain (aka Domain Forwarding) from 301 Redirect Sub-Directory for SEO - McAnerin International Inc.

A nested domain is a domain name that does not point to the root of an account. Typically, it points to a subdirectory or subsite, but it could also point to a single page. This is the same system as webhost offerings such as "web-forwarding" and so forth, where a domain name is pointed at a long, messy URL. It's common for people who have sites (usually on free servers) that look like www.spots.ab.ca/~mcanerin, which by the way was my very first website (now defunct). Rather than making people type that, you would point www.mcanerin.net at it, or whatever. The difference is that it's pointing to a directory or page, rather than an IP address, so it's not a "pure" domain (whatever that means). This is achieved using a 301 or 302 (301 is better) redirect.

For apache:
Redirect 301 /two http://www.newdomain.com/other

last updated 11 Sep 2010