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From Dave McRitchie<BR>
Put into the comments the same as you used for the description of your site <meta name="description" content="..."> Try to make sure that the words you use in your description are actually on the web page. Google knocks it down if it disagrees. They say they don't use it, but I don't believe it, in any case other search engines definitely do make use of the description and of the keywords. <meta name="keywords" content="..., ..., ..."> also consider revisit-after , which they may or may not use <meta name="revisit-after" content="10 days"> updated: Page Freshness? javascript:if(frames.length<1){alert('The%20server%20indicates%20that%20the%20page%20was%20last%20modified:%20'%20+%20window.document.lastModified)}else{alert('Page%20is%20framed.%20Use%20version%20of%20bookmarklet%20for%20frames.%20(bookmarklets.com)')}

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