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Data over a dial-up phone link.
Acoustic coupler for a modem over dial-up data services - Compuserve, The Source, AOL. (1970)
Fax machines also used acoustic couplers.
In 1968 the Carterfone Decision allowed devices not produced by AT&T to be connected to the AT&T network. Modems that could be plugged directly into the network were produced a few years later.

Mobile (Cell) Phones:

Car Phones were available in the early 70's

In 1983, the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x was the first commercially available handheld mobile phone.
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2000 - Wireless bluetooth headset for hands-free calling thru a mobile phone.

Smart Phones:
The Palm Treo (2002)and BlackBerry (1999) were the first smart phones in the early 2000's.
They merged functions of personal digital assistants (PDAs) -- Calendars, Contact Lists, Notes -- with mobile phone technology
and included Internet funcuntions like messaging, email and limited web browsing.

2007 - The iPhone was introduced.
Google announces it will offer the Android mobile operating system for free.

2010 Samsung Galaxy introduced using the Android Operating system.

In 2019, the top smartphone developers worldwide were Samsung (23%), Huawei (19%), and Apple (12%).

The Apple Watch 2015-. Allowed you to make calls thru your phone.
The series 3 (2017) allowed you to make calls without your phone.

Mobile phone - Wikipedia
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