Username: email or other

Having a user name (if kept private) reduces this risk and they now have to guess your username as well as your password.

Many websites include third-party trackers. Lurking behind the scenes, these third-party trackers collect your data for a variety of reasons, including advertising, analytics, and social media.

Websites usually embed these third-party trackers voluntarily into their website code because they are useful to the website in some way. For example, the biggest third-party tracker is Google Analytics, which tells companies what visitors are doing on their sites. Websites that use Google Analytics can get information about who is logging into their site.

There are tracker blockers. In the Safari app ver 14 and above on your Mac, choose Safari > Preferences, then click Privacy. Š Select “Prevent cross-site tracking.”

The advantage of an email is that it is unique. I frequently get "username already in use" when I use some combination of my name. Web sites may ask for an email as a username because you are less likely to bug them when you forget it, but you can actually use another userid.

How to create a secure username

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last updated 1 Mar 2009