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Considerations in getting a Mac:
What Type:
 MacBook Air $1,099
 MacBook Pro  $1,299 - $2,399

 All-in-one (Desktop with memory and processor in the monitor)
  iMac  $1,799 - $4,999
  Mac mini $799
Floor standing tower
  Mac Pro$2,999 - $5,999
8 GB is the standard and good for most people.
16 GB is recommended for people editing large 4K videos with programs like Final Cut Pro.
It's debated in the middle.
The upgrade to 16 GB is about $200
If you are a demanding user, in a creative or statistics field, then would want 16GB of RAM.
16GB would help if you are running Photoshop and LightRoom together.
Benchmarks in 2013 showed improvements in editing large (500MB) files in Photoshop with 16 GB.
However by 2019 increased processor speeds reduced the difference.

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last updated 3 July 2019