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Set up a schedule
press the 'Lights and Power' 
Press the gear icon  (three blue dots on Android) 
Scroll to the top of the page until you see  'Schedule'  and select it. 

Setup Sylvania Osram Smart RGBW Lightbulb
1) Make sure the Wink Hub is 5ft from the Osram Lightify Light bulb. Do not place the Hub too close or too far away from the Osram Lightify Light bulb\0x200B. This is only temporary as we want the signal to be strong while pairing.

2) We will then have to Factory Reset the Osram Lightify Light bulb:

a. Start with the light off (unpowered)
b. Turn it on for three full seconds
c. Turn it off for three full seconds
d. Repeat the previous steps 4 times
e. Leave the light turned on and after about 10 seconds it will blink 3 times indicating that it is now unpaired (the 5TH time you turn the light on, leave it on for 10 seconds and wait for the flashing).

3) Now we will want to Add the Osram Lightify Light bulb to the Wink Hub:

a. Follow the instructions to connect the Lightify Bulb via "Add a Product" in the Winkapp
b. The Lightify Bulb must remain on. Unlike GE link bulbs where you would normally turn the bulb on while the Hub is flashing blue, you will leave the light on the whole time while trying to add the product.
c. While the Hub is flashing blue, the light will blink four times and remain on to indicate success.

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last updated 6 Jan 2012