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Nomad 7 Solar Panel

Nomad 7 Solar pannel
The Nomad 7 solar panel has three power outputs:
  • 'GUIDE 10' DC coaxial connector direct to the solar panel, providing 6.5V at 1 Amp. The connector has a rare and tiny 0.7mm center pin. This output powers the Guide 10 power pack/charger which is described below.
  • USB type A female connector providing 5V at 500 mA from an internal regulator. The USB output charges devices such as cell phones and iPods. Only 2.5 watts, but incredibly useful.
  • 12V DC coaxial connector providing 400 mA from an internal boost regulator. This output can be used with some 12V chargers, but many require more than 400 mA to work properly. The 2.1 mm center pin has the opposite gender from what is normally used for DC coaxial connectors.

Position the panels directly facing the sun for best performance.
Charging Time (Hours)
iPod            2
Garmin GPS      2
Cell phone      1

Guide 10 Battery pack

No user guide - see instructions on unit.
or support@goalzero.com

Charging battery pack:

Will charge with switch in any position.

You need to have all four AA batteries in at a time.

With the second generation you can now use the the super charge cord with the Nomad 7
and that is what will charge it in about 1.5 hours.

It should charge from a laptop computer USB port in 6 hrs.

Using it:

Problems with iPhone and iPad
Unplug and reconnect.
Patience: Sometimes the iPhone will say "device is not charging", but it really is and the battery meter is still going up, so by leaving it on for a substantial amount of time, you'll see an increase in the charge levels.

With the Guide 10, make sure the batteries are fully charged. We've found that sometimes AAA's or other brands of batteries that are lower in mAh (≥2,200 mAh best) often don't play well with the iPhone 4. The best idea though is to give the Guide 10 a fresh charge, then plug in your phone.

On Macs and PC's without high-powered USB ports, the iPad will charge only when it's in sleep mode; when awake, it will display a "Not charging" message in the status bar at the top of the screen. So there is no wonder that the Nomad 7 had a had time with the iPad 2 (Btw it works great with iPhone 4).

The Guide 10 should be able to charge a device at 500mA

Manuals at goalzero.com
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last updated 6 June 2011