Quick Start Guide

Normal Settings:
Card - Still pictures.
Tape - Movies.
Program Selector: Easy Recording automatically sets shutter speed, focus, ...
To select presets for focus, exposure, ... p. 46
Set Program selector to P
In camera mode 
Push set dial in to actaivate
Rotate to select AE (Auto Exposure) mode: p 46
 -  Auto - Automatically sets focus, exposure, ... 
   but you have the option of manual override.
 -  Sports
 -  Portrait (short depth of field to blur background)
 -  Spotlight - Spot light scenes or fireworks
 -  Sand & Snow
 -  Low Light

Display (p128)
Night Mode:
You may have to go into the Menu > Camera Setup > Night Mode to enable it.
Night+ - Dark
Super Night - Very Dark
Pushing the button causes the LED on the front to come on.
I don't know what the difference in "Low Light" AE mode (above) and pressing the Night Mode button.
AE Shift
Lighten or darken picture by manually adjusting exposure. p51

Walk-in Repairs:
100 Ridge Rd., Jamesburg, NJ - Rt 18 to Cranbury Rd. 6 mi.

Tech Support
Downloads (Manual, Drivers, ...)

last updated 6 July 2005