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Calendar Software:
Standard with OS
    Mac: iCal
Windows: Outlook or Windows Live
  Windows 7 doesn't come with mail or calendar, but you can download windows Live for free.

3rd party:
Windows: VueMinder

.ics files
 These are files with calendar entry information.
   Clicking on an .ics file in Safari or Firefox will automatically
Firefox and Safari: Give you a dialog box asking if you want open with iCal
Note this didn't always work. Sometimes I had to save the file then double
click on it in the finder or drag it to the iCal window or app.
  You must specify the handler for .ics
  Chrome > Preferences > Under the Hood > Handlers > Manage Handlers
Quit and restart chrome
Clicking on a .ics file then downloads it and puts it at the bottom of the screen
where you can click on it to open and load it in iCal.



last updated 6 June 2011