Smart Messaging is a Nokia specific enhancement to SMS services enabling
 transmission of, among others, Ringing Tones and Logos.
 Ringing Tone RTTTL
 Caller Group Graphics is black and white images up to the size of 72 by 14 pixels. Presently Jpeg (.JPG), Portable Network Graphics (.PNG) and Nokia Group Graphic (.NGG) image formats are supported

Country and Network Codes for Smart Messaging

101x80 pixels visible

SonyEricsson T68(i) Image formats
gif, wbmp, jpg

 Create 120x160 gif.
 Upload to web anywhere.
 Go to the WebAccess menu, and select "Go To URL"

  iMelody - Most new phones that don't do Nokia's Smart Messaging are using this
  rtttl - A popular text format for ringtones. You can download free rtttl's to
  test with ringtone tools from:,, or many other sites.

   There is conversion software for converting RTTTL and iMelody files to ring tone files.
   .mmf - SMAF = "Synthetic music Mobile Application Format" - Polyphonic Ringtone File for Phones - Yamaha
last updated 1 June 2004
Software: Coding Workshop Ringtone Converter 5.0: Win and Mac OSX