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Type Male Female Equip
RP-SMA sma-m sma-f D-Link, netgear, LinkSys WET-11, WMP54G, Handheld Amateur Radio
SMC: A push-on version of the SMA.
SMB: A very small version of the SMC.
RP-TNC tnc-m tnc-f Threaded version of BNC. Works well through 12GHz. Other Linksys
BNC BNC-m BNC-f CB, Amateur Radio, Antennas
CB, Amateur Radio, Antennas.
Lossy over 432 MHz
N-Type N-m N-f WI-FI Antennas, Amateur ≥ 440 MHz
mini-UHF UHF-m UHF-f CB, Amateur Radio, Antennas
MC (Lucent) mc-m mc-f PC cards
FME fme-m FME-f mobile antenna

50 ohm Cable - Wireless Net 2.4 GHz

75 ohm Cable - Broadcast TV 54-200 MHz
RG-59 Cable
BNC Plugs
F Plugs

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