Best of 2007 Video: D5 Interview With Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.


  1. In their rare joint appearance at All Things Digital 5, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates discuss their contributions to the technology industry, the qualities they most respect in one another.
  2. Continuing of Part 1
  3. Steve and Bill talk about the 1997 agreement between Apple and Microsoft; whether they think their companies are rivals today; the "Get a Mac" commericals; and iPods, Zunes and music.
  4. Bill and Steve talk about their biggest regrets; what excites and surprises them in technology today; mobile devices; and what they feel computing will be like in five years.
  5. Continuing of Part 4
  6. Gates and Jobs continue their discussion about the future of technology, covering such topics as mobile phones, flexible displays, Internet services and the nimbleness of large companies versus small start-ups.
  7. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs' discussion with Walt and Kara turns to the entertainment industry, the transition facing Hollywood companies today and the future of computing interfaces.
  8. Continuing of Part 7
  9. Steve and Bill reveal the greatest misunderstanding about their relationship, joke with Walt and Kara and receive a standing ovation from the crowd as they conclude their fireside chat.
  10. In the final segment of their joint interview, Bill and Steve field questions from the audience at D5. All Things Digital Text
  11. Continuing of Part 10


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last updated 11 April 2010