Lake Tahoe and Sierra Nevada History
The 2015 North Lake Tahoe Tourism Master Plan | Placer County North Lake Tahoe relies on a tourism-driven economy and it will continue to do so for years to come. Annually, visitors spend over $500 million in North Lake Tahoe. Over 60% of employment and 51% of all earnings can be attributed to tourism.3 Lake Tahoe is central to the area’s economy.

Almost 45% of current visitors come from the Bay Area, northern California and western Nevada; approximately 8% of visitors are international.2 Forty-two percent of visitors are day visitors with overall visitation concentrated on weekends and peak holiday periods.

. It should be noted that the visitor population, estimated at more than 3 million per year, dramatically increases the Basin population, particularly during peak holiday seasons.

Although 42% of visitors are day visitors, they comprise only 14% of all visitor-days and 11% ($55 million) of total visitor spending. 2010 North Tahoe population Carnelian Bay 1170 Dollar Point 1215 Tahoe City 3161 Tahoma 1037 Homewood 744 Kings Beach 4456 Tahoe Vista 708 South Lake Tahoe 22,036 Most decreased from about 15,000 in 2000 to 7,500 in 2015 but started to grow slowly again around 2015.

Data obtained from the user surveys was extrapolated over the entire populations of the three metro areas (using 2010 Census data) to calculate that over 4 million visitors make close to 8 million trips annually to the Study Area.
Tahoe Fun Facts - Tahoe Fund Year-round resident population is 40,000. Total population can reach 300,000 on peak days. About 20 million people visit Lake Tahoe each year.
Environmental Problems of the Lake Tahoe Basin - 1970 Book
Demographics - South Lake Tahoe Visitor and Second Homeowner Demographics: Lake Tahoe attracts approximately 3 million visitors annually Lake Tahoe Winter visitors number approximately 2 million annually Lake Tahoe Summer visitors number approximately 1 million annually
Environmental Impact Statement - Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit - 1970 In 1970, an estimated 11.8 million visitor-days were spent in the Lake Tahoe ... By 1985, peak summer population may swell to 270,000 people at one time
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MEASURING FOR PROSPERITY Community and Economic Indicators for the Lake Tahoe Basin