Lake Tahoe Estates

Billionaire philanthropistÕs Larry and Camille Ruvo, put their 133 acre Shakespeare Ranch in Glenbrook up for sale for $98 million in 2014, but and the owners have introduced an alternate modified option 129 acres for $69 million a little later.
As of 2019 it was off the market.
Ruvo founded Southenr Wine and Spirits of Nevada with Steve Wynn.
Mr. Ruvo is well known in the Las Vegas community for his ongoing support of charitable organizations, many of which are associated with education and children.
After the death of his father in 1994, Ruvo worked towards establishing a cognitive disease center, which resulted in his funding of The Lou Ruvo Brain Institute and founder of "Keep Memory Alive".

Shakespeare Ranch:
In 1862, when the wife of Reverend J.A.Benton was sketching the mountains south of Glenbrook at Lake Tahoe, she made an interesting discovery. A particular promontory of rock somehow was vaguely recognizable. It dawned on her how similar it was to the Chandos portrait she had seen of William Shakespeare. Since her discovery, Shakespeare Rock, as it has been called ever since, has drawn tourists and rock climbers alike for the last 150 years.

Larry and Camille Ruvo bought it in 1964.
They kept adding and adding until the ranch now consists of 133 acres, 17 complete guest houses, public/private rodeo facilities with stables, paddocks and bleachers and a huge 1870Õs barn which they brought in, restored and turned into a 5,000-square-foot entertainment venue. There is also housing for a large indoor pool and spacious art/craft loft, both of which will entertain large groups. In fact, everything on the ranch is large. Even President Bush said when he visited, that they donÕt have barns like this in Texas! Additionally, there is an outdoor spa, a root cellar converted to a wine tasting room, a fully equipped gym, an art loft, an executive office suite, a staging kitchen for catering, and guest bathrooms. When the annual Glenbrook Rodeo is held, there are carnival games and a silent auction followed by an extraordinary dinner prepared by restaurateur Emeril Lagasse. The evening also always features a top-notch private performance by a surprise A-list entertainer.
It has over 423 feet of sandy shoreline on Lake Tahoe, a 397-foot shared pier with boat lift, five boat moorings, and nearly 40,000 square feet of improvements is now for sale, currently the most expensive ski property in the country.

Now that the RuvoÕs children are grown and living on the East Coast, they will keep a house in Glenbrook so they can come back and visit friends and neighbors.