NW Tahoe Rental Cleaning Services
Cleaning costs range between $220 and $350 for a 2,400sf place

New Cabin $290
Josh and his team @ West Lake Tahoe Cleaning

Emerald Cleaning Emily Bloch 530-448-3598,

Tahoe vacation home services. 530-448-7371 jeff@tahoe-vacation-home-
My contact was jeff@tahoe-vacation-home-services.com 4.5 [20] on yelp

NextDoor recommendations:
Mountain Home Cleaning & Caretaking 15 530-583-6185

Second Home Care, Truckee 17 530 582-0220

Criterion Properties-
In June 2021 they were sold to Lessen property services
They had several hundred clients in the north tahoe area.
$225 for cleaning + $30 for trash removal if the bins fill up
They have their own laundry and want 2 sets of sheets so they can rotate.
They have a linen service $500 to outfit a house then $100/yr
Handyman service for exactly the things we want, $65/hr

Citlali 530 448-1735 (530 449-3173)

Josh Beller <josh@westlaketahoecleaning.com>

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last updated 20 Aug 2020