McBride Cabin

Magical Places

By Megan Fowler, 1992

  Everybody should know a place that represents peace, love, and happiness. It can be a city, a mountain, a lake. or anywhere that is special to a person. My most peaceful memories are centered around a house. This is not just any house, however. It is a cabin full of wonderful people and memories. It is my great-aunt and uncle's cabin in Tahoe, to be exact, and this place is truly magical.

  Truly magical places have certain qualities. People should be able to share them with loved ones. My family and I have gone to this cabin for many years, and we have brought friends, so that they too can feel its old-fashioned charm. My aunt and uncle, Jean and Sandy McBride, have always made us feel at home. We are never in the way, and have space to ourselves whenever we need it. There is always love here, because Aunt Jean wouldn't have it any other way. This is the difference between Europe or any other vacation spot. Allhough, these places might be enjoyable, love is rarely found.

  Fun and relaxation should always be found at our favorite places, and unlike many spots, the cabin pleases everyone. Certain vacation areas, such as the Grand Canyon or Disneyland, will please most people. However, young children often don't understand the beauty and mystique of the canyon, while adults only have a limited enjoyment of "the happiest place on earth." Disneyland is often not filled with happiness, because of the crowds and the lines for the rides. Unlike these places, the cabin caters to all ages.

  Since the cabin is in Tahoe, there is fun year-round, In the summer, We can walk across the street to the lake and swim, sail, fish, waterski, or just sunbathe. In winter, we can go about a half mile and ski at the small ski lift found in Homewood. Or we can just stay at the cabin and build a snowman in the backyard, and make snowballs to throw at each other. During any season the adults can go gambling at the casinos, which are within a short drive. Numerous games can also be played; including everything from croquet to Monopoly.

  If people want, they don't have to do anything. They can iust lounge in the hammock attached to the two huge redwood trees in the backyard, and view the surrounding area. The grounds are beautifully landscaped in a woodsy manner. There is no suburban lawn found here, only pine needles, pine cones, ferns, and little paths outlined with stones. Certain cities, such as Victoria, British Columbia, or Seattle, Washington, have appeared magical to me. However, they operate mainly to please the rich tourist. They don't have the love and rarely have the beauty that this cabin does.

  Beauty should be present so that we can truly enjoy our favorite places. From the huge trees, to the sparkling lake nearby, and even the cabin itself, beauty is not hard to come by. However, unlike most attractive places, there is more than external beauty here. There is the internal beauty of my aunt and uncle that radiates outward to make us feel wonderful, Very few places have this, and it is the most important item in a magical place. We must feel special when we are there.

  Memories help to create a magical place. The memories I have about the cabin in Homewood will last for the rest of my life, I remember all the times that I have eaten breakfast at the outdoor kitchen, and all the games that I have played. Most of all, I remember hearing the wind rushing through the trees, and the occasional car driving down the highway as I fall asleep. These sounds are like lullabies to me. Every time I have gone there, there is at least one distinct memory that I will carry with me through the rest of my life. How many places can that be said about?

  Some people feel that Yosemite, Hawaii, or even Manhattan are magical places. Each place is beautiful and special in its own way. But these places have something my aunt and uncle's cabin doesn't have -- crowds of tourists, I'll choose Jean and Sandy, and their peaceful home, over crowds of tourists anyday, After all, it's my magical place.

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