Swim Cycle Run Fastest *
Sprint 0.5 mi 12 mi 3 mi 54 minutes
or Classic
1.0 mi 24.8 mi 6 mi 1 hour 39 minutes
Long Course or
Half Ironman †
1.2 mi 56 mi 13 mi 3 hours 53 minutes
Ironman 2.4 mi 112 mi 26 mi 8 hours 3 minutes
* Note: These are the fastest times I could find. I couldn't find any world records. Because of differences in courses there seems to be more information on course records.

† There are also two ITU Long Distance courses; The shorter course is 1.86 - 49.6 - 12.4 mi.
The Long Course listed here is also called a medium distance, half ironman or tin man.

There are also ultra tirathlons from double ironman to double deca.
The double deca 20x Ironman is held in Monterey, Mexico.

   47 mi swim
2,237 mi. bike
  524 mi. run
Vidmantas Urbonas of Lithuania finished the race in only 18 days 5 hours 21 minutes.

Standard Race Distances
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last updated 20 Oct 2011