Risky Behavior
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All of my friends can't understand all of these guys who are involved in sexual misconduct.
We all get positive energy in the presence of an attractive woman,
 but none of us could imagine doing any of the things some of these men in the news are accused of.
  Not enough testosterone?
  I don't think so.  I've skied headwall at Tuckman's Ravine,  Canoed thru class 4 rapids,
  biked down the first range of the Watchung mountains at 40 MPH on a curvy road,
  But I break out in a sweat even thinking about asking an attractive woman out.
Men need risky behavior for their metabolism.
We spent most of our ancestry running from saber tooth tigers.

   Many of the men accused of sexual misconduct have been raised in families
   who we would not think of promoting such a thing.
Peer pressure? More likely
  Certainly in High School there was some of that, but it was rare in college
and in my professional career I never saw it.

  I don't think so, or I would have encountered more men prone to that.

I'd like to see a study which correlates physical activity with sexual misconduct.
  Physical activity doesn't have to be risky.  
  Just keeping your heart rate over 150 for 30 minutes.
  I'll bet men who do that are negatively correlated with sexual mosconduct.

last updated 20 Dec 2014