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The average cost of a cremation can vary quite significantly. For example the cost of a basic cremation in Los Angeles can range between $625 and $3,000.

Mortuary Sample from Green Street in San Francisco

Transportation from hospital  $ 75
Refrigeration                 $100
Cremation                     $100
Casket                        $ 50
Service fee                   $100
Disposition permit            $ 12
3 copies of death certificate $ 60
Total                         $500

What How Long Who
Death Certificate 11-3 days Medical Practitioner, Mortuary
Disposition Permit for burial2-7 days after the death certificate is filedMortuary
Headstone4-6 WeeksMonument Company
1. A medical practitioner files the death certificate electronically. The mortuary will add information. The mortuary (funeral home) in charge will request copies of the death certificate for you, it's best to obtain at least three certified copies.
Premature delivery may require a Fetal Death Certificate or Still Birth Certificate.

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last updated 3 Mar 2014