AARP New Jersey's State Advocacy Results
Top Ten Laws AARP Has Helped Achieve in New Jersey That Could Help You and Your Family Enhance Your Quality of Life.

AARP New Jersey has been advocating on behalf of residents throughout the State of New Jersey for years. While we don't win them all, here is a list of New Jersey state laws that AARP worked hard to achieve. We hope you will find some that can help you and your family. And please don't hesitate to PASS IT ON. Thanks!

  1. Telemarketing Do-Not-Call Law: NJ has the strongest state law in the nation that protects your privacy by stopping unwanted telemarketing sales calls. To register your phone number, call 888-382-1222 or go to at
  2. Identity Theft Prevention Law: NJ has the strongest identity protection law in the country, allowing you to "freeze" your credit to prevent ID theft. For more information, view AARP's NJ Identify Theft Prevention Law brochure: To request a bulk quantity of this publication to help members of your community group, call the AARP New Jersey State Office at 866-542-8165.
  3. Prescription Drug Retail Price Registry: This law allows you to find out which drugstore has the lowest prescription drug prices. Call 800-242-5846 or go to To request a bulk quantity of an AARP brochures to help members of your community group, call the AARP New Jersey State Office at 866-542-8165.
  4. NJ SHARES Grants and the NJ Universal Service Fund Program: For families suffering from temporary financial emergencies and about to lose their electric and/or gas utility service, a NJ SHARES grant of up to $1200 can help moderate-income families. Low-income families can get help through NJ's Universal Service Fund program. To find out if you are eligible, call 888-337-3339.
  5. Independence, Dignity, and Choice in Long Term Care Act: This law intends to provide greater access to Medicaid-supported home and community-based long term care services. To learn about the options in your area, call your County Office on Aging at 877-222-3737.
  6. HEAL: Hospital Error Accountability Law. This law allows consumers to learn about NJ hospitals' preventable medical error and hospital infection rates. Visit
  7. Preventing Hospitals From Charging Uninsured Patients More Than 150% Of Charges Allowed Under Medicare. Formerly, uninsured NJ hospital patients could be hit with much higher charges than the government allows under Medicare. This law provides a ceiling to prevent outrageously high charges.
  8. Predatory Lending Protections Act: This law provides protections from exorbitant interest rates when consumers must borrow money. To learn how to protect yourself from predatory lending practices, call the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance at 800-446-7467 or go to
  9. Predatory Annuities Prevention Act: This law prevents inappropriate annuity sales practices. To learn how to protect yourself, call the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance at 800-446-7467 or go to
  10. Silver Alert Law: This new law helps locate vulnerable older adults who may have wandered off. When you see the Silver Alert on highway overhead signs, be on the lookout - you could help save a life.


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last updated 11 April 2010