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Google Search Operators - Google Guide

Term By Method. TBM 
Applications: tbm=app
Books: tbm=bks
Images: tbm=isch
News: tbm=nws
Patents: tbm=pts
Video: tbm=vid

Term By Search.TBS
Any time: tbs=qdr:a
Last second: tbs=qdr:s (Read more about this “real time search” on Lifehacker)
Last minute: tbs=qdr:n (Note! n like in nuts)
Last 10 minutes: tbs=qdr:n10 (and so on for any number of minutes)
Last hour: tbs=qdr:h
Last 12 hours: tbs=qdr:h10 (and so on for any number of hours)
Last day: tbs=qdr:d
Last week: tbs=qdr:w
Last month: tbs=qdr:m
Last year: tbs=qdr:y
A specific time range, for example from March 2 1984 to June 5 1987: tbs=cdr:1,cd_min:3/2/1984,cd_max:6/5/1987
Sort by date: tbs=sbd:1
Sort by relevance: tbs=sbd:0

Flight tickets: – go there
Movie shows: – go there
Financial info: – go there
Political info: – go there
Hotels: – Replaced by search term hotels in 
Directions and transportation: – go there
Academic research: – go there
Phrase frequency in books over time – go there

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