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Corpus Callosum
It has been claimed that the human corpus callosum shows sex differences, and in particular that the splenium (the posterior portion) is larger in women than in men. This was based on old data from the study of cadavers. More recent data from MRIs does NOT support this.
The widespread belief that women have a larger splenium than men and consequently think differently is untenable.

However, there have been more recent studies showing differences in the the number of axons by axon diameter and locaation at different ages in men and women.
Sex differences in the corpus callosum of the living human being
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Using neuroscience to distract opposing foul shooters:
At a 2005 basketball game the Dallas Mavericks used a technique derived from research by UC Davis psychophysicist against the Celtics, three members of the Mavs' "Hoop Troop" worked the crowd behind the backboard. Boston shot 18 for 30 from the line, or 60 percent, about 20 percent below their season average.

David Whitney, a visual psychophysicist at the University of California-Davis,* recently described this phenomenon in the lab. The results, published in Nature ("The influence of visual motion on fast reaching movements to a stationary object"), showed that a field of background motion can bias hand movements in the direction of that motion.

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