Many Unitarian Societies post some of the humor aimed at them on their web pages.

Let me preface this with the article below which objects to this.
Growing Edges in Unitarian Universalist Humor | Growing Unitarian Universalism says,
We can count on Garrison Keillor in his weekly Prairie Home Companion show to regularly gird an embarrassing stereotype of tradition. Many of the characters in The Simpsons are negatively neutral to openly hostile toward Unitarian Universalism. Stephen Colbert pokes us on The Colbert Report, which admittedly is my favorite of the three. Somehow I find it more digestible coming from these social commentaries because itŐs clearly satirical.

There is a difference between having a sense of humor and going out of your way to make fun of yourself.

Unitarian Jokes at the Prairie Home Companion 2011 joke show.

There was a terrible car accident. A woman was lying in the street,covered in blood.
Someone in the crowd shouted, "Call a priest!"
The woman opened her eyes and said, "I'm a Unitarian."
"Then call a math teacher!"

What do you call a dead Unitarian Universalist? 
All dressed up with no place to go.

Jesus took a Unitarian out fishing and the Unitarian accidentally dropped an oar
and watched it float away. Jesus stepped out of the boat, walked across the
water to the oar, grabbed it, and walked back to the boat. The next day,
a friend asked the Unitarian if he had enjoyed fishing with the Lord.
"It was okay, but would you believe that guy can't swim?"

What's the Unitarian's favorite Christmas movie?
Coincidence on 34th Street.

It's hard being a Unitarian. 
Who do you call out to during orgasm.

Parody - Unitarian Silent Night by Garrison Keillor - YouTube

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