Great World Religions: Part I -
The Christian Religions and Religious Fundamentalism

Robert Oden, Ph.D.
The Teaching Company, 1994 (now the The Great Courses)

From 1975 to 1989, Dr. Oden was a Professor of Religion at Dartmouth College,
where he received Dartmouth's first Distinguished Teaching Award.
He was a pioneered in the study of Religious fundamentalism.

This is an outline of the course. You will have to order the tapes. As far as I know, they never converted these to CDs.

Professor Biography                                                      1
Course Scope                                                             3
Lecture One: Introduction                                                5

Lecture Two: The Hellenistic World and the First Christian Communities   8

Lecture Three: Jesus and the Gospel Traditions                          11

Lecture Four: Growth of the Early Christian Community                   14

Lecture Five: Eastern Orthodox Christianity                             18

Lecture Six: Reformed Christianity and the Revivalist Tradition       
in American Protestantism                                               21

Lecture Seven: The Origins of Christian Fundamentalism                  24

Lecture Eight: Fundamentalism In America:
Before and After the Scopes Trial                                       27

Lecture Nine: The New Religious Right, the Milennial Extreme,
And Some Thoughts on Comparative Fundamentalism                         30

Lecture Ten: Explaining Religion's Differences and Similarities         33
Glossary                                                                36
Biographical Notes                                                      42
Bibliography                                                            45

Great World Religions: Beliefs, Practices, Histories. Parts 1-5 (Audio):
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Part I - Overview : the Christian religions and religious fundamentalism:
Part II: God and His prophet. the religion of Islam:
Part III: God and God's people : the religion of Judaism:
Part IV: Confucius, the Tao, the ancestors and the Buddha : the religions of China:
Part V: Hindu, Buddha, Muslim, Sikh : the religions of India:

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