The bible was written over 16 centuries from 1400 BC - 200 AD by 36 authors, although the actual authorship of many books is still debated by biblical
Book Author
Old Testament
Genesis Moses
1450-1410 BC
The Beginning of the World, Man’s Fall, Israel’s origin.
Exodus Moses
1450-1410 BC
God Rescues His People from Slavery in Egypt through Moses.
Leviticus Moses
1450-1410 BC
God’s Laws for Israel.
Numbers Moses
1450-1410 BC
Israel’s 40 years of Wandering in the Sinai.
Deuteronomy Moses
1410 BC
Moses’ Last Words to Israel.
Joshua Joshua
1400-1370 BC
The Israelites’ Conquest of Canaan Led by Joshua.
Judges Uncertain
1050-1000 BC
Heroes of Israel: Post Conquest & Pre- Kingdom.
Ruth Uncertain
1000 BC
Story of Ruth, a Moabite and Member of David’s Line.
1 Samuel Samuel
930 BC
The First Two Kings of Israel: Saul and David.
2 Samuel Samuel
930 BC
Reign of King David.
1 Kings Jeremiah
550 BC
Reign of King Solomon and the Divided Kingdom.
2 Kings Jeremiah
550 BC
Elijah, Elisha, Assyrian and Babylonian Conquest, and Exile.
1 Chronicles Ezra
450-425 BC
Reign of Kings Saul and David.
2 Chronicles Ezra
450-425 BC
Reign of King Solomon, Divided Kingdom and Exile to Babylon.
Ezra Ezra
456-444 BC
Israelites Return to Jerusalem to Rebuild Temple.
Nehemiah Nehemiah
445-425 BC
Israelites Return to Rebuilds walls of Jerusalem .
Esther Uncertain
465 BC
Esther, a Jewess, Becomes Queen of Persia.
Job Uncertain
Job, a Righteous Man, Undergoes Extreme Tribulation.
Psalms Various
A Collection of 150 Psalms and Prayers.
Proverbs Solomon & Others
950-700 BC
A Collection of Wise Sayings of King Solomon and Others.
Ecclesiastes Solomon
935 BC
King Solomon Answers the Question of Meaning in Life.
Song of Solomon Solomon
965 BC
Songs that Express the Love Between a Man and His Bride.
Isaiah Isaiah
740-680 BC
Prophecies of God’s Judgement and Redemption of Israel.
Jeremiah Jeremiah
627-585 BC
Prophecies of God’s Judgement of Israel.
Lamentations Jeremiah
586-585 BC
Expressions of Anguish Over Jerusalem’s Destruction.
Ezekiel Ezekiel
592-570 BC
Prophecies of Ezekiel During Exile in Babylon.
Daniel Daniel
537 BC
Story of King Nebuchadnezzar & Prophecies of Daniel.
Hosea Hosea
710 BC
Hosea’s Broken Marriage a Picture of Israel’s Betrayal of God.
Joel Joel
835 BC
Prophecy of God’s Coming Judgement
Amos Amos
755 BC
Amos Speaks Out Against Social Injustice.
Obadiah Obadiah
840/586 BC
Obadiah’s Prophecy Against the Edomites.
Jonah Jonah
760 BC
Jonah’s Reluctance to Prophesy Lands Him in a Fish.
Micah Micah
700 BC
Micah Prophesies for Social Justice and True Worship.
Nahum Nahum
663-612 BC
Fall of Assyria and God’s Sovereignty.
Habakkuk Habakkuk
607 BC
“Why Do Evil People Prosper?”
Zephaniah Zephaniah
625 BC
Zephaniah Prophesies Doom for Jerusalem.
Haggai Haggai
520 BC
Haggai Encourages Israel to Rebuild the Temple.
Zechariah Zechariah
520-518 BC
Zechariah’s Prophecies Concerning the Coming Messiah.
Malachi Malachi
450-400 BC
Malachi Confronts Israel with Her Sins Against God.
New Testament
Matthew Matthew
60’s AD
The Life of Christ Written for a Jewish Audience.
Mark Mark
50’s AD
The Earliest Account of the Life of Christ.
Luke Luke
60 AD
Account of Christ’s Life Written for a Non-Jewish Audience.
John John
85-90 AD
Unique Account of Christ’s Life Emphasising His Deity.
Acts Luke
61 AD
Account of the Origin and Growth of the Christian church.
Romans Paul
58 AD
Paul’s Explanation of the Gospel.
1 Corinthians Paul
56 AD
Paul’s Response to Problems of Division & Immorality.
2 Corinthians Paul
57 AD
Paul’s Follow-up letter to the Corinthian Church.
Galatians Paul
49/55 AD
Paul’s Response to Legalism in the Church.
Ephesians Paul
61 AD
Paul’s Teaching on the Church and Unity Among Christians.
Philippians Paul
61 AD
Paul’s Letter of Encouragement to the Philippian church.
Colossians Paul
61 AD
Paul Writes About the Supremacy of Christ.
1 Thessalonians Paul
51 AD
Paul’s Letter of Encouragement and Christ’s Return.
2 Thessalonians Paul
51 AD
Paul Explains More About Christ’s Return.
1 Timothy Paul
63 AD
Paul Encourages Timothy as a Church Leader.
2 Timothy Paul
66 AD
Paul Encourages Timothy in his Final Letter..
Titus Paul
65 AD
Paul’s Letter of Encouragement to Titus, a Church Leader.
Philemon Paul
61 AD
Paul Asks Philemon to Forgive Onesimus, his runaway slave.
Hebrews Uncertain
64-68 AD
Jesus Completes What the Old Testament Began.
James James
45-50 AD
The Proverbs of the New Testament.
1 Peter Peter
63 AD
Enduring Persecution and Suffering.
2 Peter Peter
66 AD
False Teachers and the Return of Christ.
1 John John
90 AD
Walking in the Light, Loving One Another and Assurance.
2 John John
90 AD
John Encourages Love One for Another.
3 John John
90 AD
John’s Warning to Gauis to Beware of a Dictatorial Leader.
Jude Jude
70-80 AD
Jude, Jesus’ Brother, Warns Against False, Divisive Teachers.
Revelation John
90’s AD
The End of the World and the Return of the King!
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