WHAT TO BRING (*optional)

Hiking boots (waterproofed, high top) [1]
3-5 pairs of hiking socks [2]
camp shoes
Water shoes for swimming
Rain jacket or poncho (Including a waterproof backpack cover - Sierra squalls can blow up quickly.)
Rain/wind Pants
Lightweight jacket or fleece [3]
Sweater or sweatshirt
lightweight gloves
Long-sleeved shirt
Short-sleeved shirt
Shorts or zip on legs
Long pants [4]
Long Underwear depending on weather forecast. [7]
  I use a lighter sleeping bag and use long underwear if it is cold.
Swimsuit (bring an old beater because the bottom of the hot tub can rough it up a bit).
Hat with brim [5]
*Warm hat for early mornings or evenings outdoors
*Gaiters (keep snow, rocks, sticks out of boots)
Thin belt that will not dig in under your pack hip belt.

Small Towel, washcloth, Biodegradable soap, shampoo
* Extra Towel for swimming or spare
Toiletries (toothbrush, paste, comb,
Earplugs (in case your room-mates snore)
Watch or travel alarm
* Padlock (there are lockers for your valuables) Books [12]/journals & pen/pencil
Prescription and Over the Counter medications [9]

As few electronic devices as possible.

Backpack 3,000+ in3
large garbage bag to use for waterproof liner or a backpack cover
Tent or Rain Shelter
Sleeping bag (35°) [7, 10]
Sleeping Pad
Water containers (2 qt/liters total) - at least 2 containers so that 1 can be purifying while you can still drink from the other. This could be a bladder and a water bottle or 2 bottles.
Eating Supplies/Utensils
  (labeled so they don't get mixed up)
Plastic lunch box (for sandwiches, cookies, pickles, salad) [6]
Mug/Cup/ Bowl/
* Plate [6b] Mesh bag for drying dishes
Water purification tablets will be supplied
Insect repellent
* Bandanna
Toilet paper and baggie
* Wipes cut into small pieces- use 1 daily
* Nature guides [12]
* lightwieght Camera, film, charger
* Binoculars
* Hiking poles
Moleskin for blisters (It will also be carried in the First Aid kits.)

Sun Protection - (sunglasses, sunblock, lipscreen) [5]
Insulation - (extra clothing)
Hydration - (water and purification system)
Signal device - (whistle)
Navigation - (map and compass or GPS)
Illumination - (headlamp)
* Nutrition - (extra food)
* First-aid kit - (wound management and medications)
* Emergency shelter - (trash bag or space blanket)
* Fire - (matches or lighter)
* Knife

History of this list:
It started from a list I did for friends on backpack trips I organized 40 years ago (before polyester, sun block, gortex, ...) and has evolved with tips I got form other Sierra Club leaders (see below), Backpacker magazine (www.backpacker.com/gear/), REI (www.rei.com/expertadvice/camping), Books and hanging out at my local outing supplier (They let me do member recruitment and fund raising at their store once a year). I updated it for lodge trips I started running with day hikes out of Clair Tappan Lodge 7 years ago and again when I started leading intro to backpacking 3 years ago.

Acknowledgments: Thanks to Kathie Fowler, Linda Conklin and Francy Rubin from whom I stole a lot of the information on this list.

Last updated 10 May, 2013