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Whitewater Classification:
Class I (Easy). Small waves, just enough to make you want more. Little manuevering is required.
Class II (Novice). The ride gets more interesting and waves may be up to three feet high. Hopefully, you will get a little wet!
Class III (Intermediate). It's time to navigate larger waves, small falls, and/or rocks. Listen to your guide, and you will have a fun ride. It's time to anchor your feet in tight, so you won't fall out. Often, waves will crash into the boat, and you will be stopping soon to bail the water out!
Class IV (Advanced). You will only find these rapids on the Pigeon River or the extended trip on the French Broad. For the more adventurous person, it's time to yell and enjoy. Turbulent waves, a swift current, and rocks require guided navigation. Be ready to work with your guide. A good soaking and excitement will be your reward.
Class V (Expert). This is hardcore whitewater, and our rivers do not reach this intensity.
Class VI (Extreme). Only the expert and a bit crazy go for these.

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