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Corn tortillas will work for the gluten free person. You can use rye crackers and there are also gluten-free crackers in the local Safeway.

A substitute for curry is jamaican jerk seasoning. Instead of beef I use a soy product that looks and has the mouth feel of chicken. I can buy the 'chicken" for you if you want. I get it at the 7 day adventist book store in town.

Here is the spice recipe to substitute for curry: Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Yield 1/2 Cup = 6 servings

Am't Unit Item
  1      T   onion powder
  2      tsp   thyme, ground
  1      tsp   parsley, dried
  1      tsp   allspice, ground
   1/4   tsp   cinnamon, ground
  1      tsp   pepper, black ground
   1/2   tsp   pepper, cayenne
  1      tsp   paprika
   1/2   tsp   pepper flakes
   1/4   tsp   cumin, ground
  1      T   garlic powder
  2      tsp   salt
   1/4   tsp   nutmeg, ground
  2      tsp   sugar
Mix together all ingredients.
   Store in tightly closed glass jar.
   Keeps for over a month.
   1 1/2 T seasoning for each pound meat

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last updated 2 June 2013