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There are lots of options for tea kettles/hot water dispensers (for heating), with considerations like will it work on induction ranges? (requires a ferrous metal, but I don't think thats a consideration for us). Prices range from $19 - $300 I like the one with a lid in addition to the spout so you can open them and see what kind of gunk has accumulated. Longer spouts seem to pour better that the short spout whistlers.

I got a KitchenAid Iron witn enamel finish from Bed, Bath and Bey for $29 - my 20% discount. But the whistling cap didn't close tight enough to wistle right and there was a chip in the enamel on the inside, so I took it back. The iron is heavier than the stainless ones but holds the heat longer.

Some distinguish themselves by the type of whistle, two tone, ... According to an article at "The Chantal is supposed to be its polyphonic Hohner harmonica whistle. I guess the Hohner is less piercing than a traditional single-note whistle, but it's also louder, decibel-wise. My girlfriend hated it, claiming it sounded like "alien laser beams." (I'm having trouble deciding whether this says more about her or about the kettle.)

I got a Russell Hobbs cordless (base plugs in and pot detaches from base to serve) electric on sale at Macys for $29

It boiled 4 cups of water in 5:30 compared with 9:30 for our stainless one with a heavy (copper or aluminum) plate on the bottom to distribute heat. It got good ratings.

Those $29-50 electric ones shut off when the water boils. OK the way we use it heat water for tea with breakfast and dinner. However if we were hanging around the Cabin all day it would be nice to have one of those like you get at the asian store that keeps the water hot all the time.

The better ones allow you to set the temperature. Green tea should be brewed at 150-160 deg compared to boiling (212) for black and herbal.

The Zojirushi Electric Water Dispensing Pot ($170) has 3 temp. settings, the lowest is 175 deg.

There are:
1. Kettles for heating water or tea on the stove or with electirc.
  Electric Water Dispensing Pots
2. Pots used to brew and serve tea with hot water from another source.
3. Hot water dispensers


Different teas require different brewing temperatures.
Type Temp °F Time
Black tea 212° 4-6
Oolong tea 190° 5-8
White tea 175-180° 4-6+
Green tea 150-160° 2-4
Rooibos tea 212° 4-6
Herbal teas* 212° 5
* Varies by type of tea.
If you don't have a thermometer handy, you can tell the water temperature by watching the bubbles. Small bubbles will float to the surface of the water 160-170°F, and you'll see strings of bubbles from the bottom of the kettle at 180-190°F. After that, you'll have a full rolling boil.
Source: Tea Brewing Temperature Guide at


Tea kettles range in price from $20 to more than $150. The more expensive ones tend to have aluminum or copper plates in the bottom covered by stainless steel. The plates spread the heat faster and more evenly.
Note: One web site says that aluminum is too conductive for induction heating.

Stainless Steel
Best Tea Kettles | Apartment Therapy a>
Cast iron with porcelain enamel exterior allows water to heat quickly and efficiently retains heat.
Copper with chrome finish.
Copper with tin or Electric
Instant hot water dispenser connected to sink - $250-300

Heating times: Time to boil 4 cups of water at 66°F Stainless kettle with thick base over gas: 9:30 Chantal Classis Enamel on carbon steel $110: 7:53 Le Creuset Demi Enamel on Steel :9:30 Revere Ware stainless w/ coplper bottom $40: 8:56 1500 Watt Russell Hobbs cordless electric, $30: 5:30 Bodum Ibis Electric Cordless, $35: 4:25



Classic Styles:
British Brown Betty is not a brand, but a generic term for "bog standard", everyday teapots made of red clay from Stoke-on-Trent. It is crafted out of the same type of clay that the original teapots were made of back in the 17th century.

Royal Winton Lakeland Cottageware Teapot Antique $1,600

Japanese Tetsubin. Made out of cast iron, these teapots were originally used during the 17th and 18th centuries in the fireplace for a near constant supply of boiling water for the household.
Bodum Assam Cast Iron Tea Pot Holds heat longer. $70
Iwachu Tetsubin Tea Pots Authentic Cast Iron Tetsubins

Chinese Yixing - The Yixing Teapot is a little different from other types of Chinese teapots. They are made from a type of clay that is the color purple, and quite porous. Each time tea is made in a Yixing pot, a little of the flavor of the tea is absorbed into the pot, seasoning it.

At Republic of Tea vs. Teavana Cast Iron Teapots - some of the comments were:

"Yes cast iron is pricey, its because they are the best. They will keep your teas hot for extended periods of times as long as you pre-heat it by pouring hot water in first."

"Heat retention can also work against you in a teapot. If the water stays too hot for too long, your tea can get bitter or just bad."

See The World of Teapot Design for the Best Cup of Tea.

Hot water dispensers
Some of these have temperature settings for the type of tea.

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