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Wireless Extender - Repeater System for 1900 MHz improves indoor reception. Cellular Amplifier
Aquapac makes waterproof clear plastic bags that allow you to take good pictures right thru the bag.
Bags with silica gel for drying wet phones: Thirsty Bag $7 from iFixit, Xentris Dry-All $20 Radio Shack or a Dry-1-1 Emergency Rescue bag $20
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Nokia Contact Sender X (for Mac OSX) Rating=5/5:
Nokia Contact Sender is an application that transfers names and phone numbers to your Nokia mobile phone. It does this by emailing a specially formatted vCard to your phone's email address using a technology called SMS.

This method is especially useful with Nokia phones that don't offer a data cable or an IrDA port (like the 8260).

Please note: some phone companies charge for text messaging on a per-message basis. Since Nokia Contact Sender X breaks up contacts into multiple small messages, sending 100 contacts could take up to 400 messages. Make sure you understand your contract's pricing structure before sending large numbers of contacts to your phone.

Coding Workshop Ringtone Converter 5.0: Win and Mac OSX Rating=3/5:
Originally designed to convert Nokia Ringtones to Motorola phones, but not supports most phones.

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