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Hand Crank flashlights and Cell Phone Chargers

  • Most last 30-45 minutes when cranked 1 minute.
  • Contdinuous cranking required for cell phone charging.
  • A green bulb allows colors to be distinguished on a map or chart and will not upset most animals.
  • Wind for 3 minutes for 2-8 minutes of cell phone talk time or over an hour of cell phone standby.
    The Eaton FR400 phone manual says 10-15 min. or cranking will give 1 min of talk time.
    Note: CDMA phones (Verizon, Sprint) use about 3x the power of GSM (Cingular, T-Mobile)
  • Maximum output current is typically around 320-450 mA
  • Turn the crank at a rate of two revolutions per second for 90 seconds for 40 to 60 minutes of uninterrupted power to the radio.
Mfg LEDs Phone
AM/FM Price Distrib-
Gyron 3 Y Y $25 Amazon Headphone jack
Kaito 5     $20 Amazon  
Dynamo 5 Y   $30 sahalie
Dynamo 3     $20 Amazon
? 5 Y   $20 Emergency Essentials Pull cord
Campo 4 y   $20 Amazon Green bulb
Eaton FR400 radio 1 y Y $60 Amazon Red Cross Approved. NOAA weather.
Output is 4.5 V 200 mA
HK-Tor 1 y Y $60 Output is 10 W at 120 V
Phone adapters included:
Campo: Samsung A300 Series - Siemens C35 Series - Motorola V Series - Ericsson T28
Gyron: plugs for MOST Motorola, Samsung and Nokia phones.
Dynamo from Sahalie: Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and Ericson

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last updated 3 Jan 2012