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I wanted to put this under technology but decided it fit in products better.

I've frustrated with bad computer software design now that mobile devices are an integral part of peoples lives.
I'm convinced that healthcare costs are so high in the US and other industrialized nations because stress in everyday life caused by the bad design of software.
Bad physical design is also frustrating. e.g.

- The iPhone 6 with the power button across from the volume/lock button so when when you it's easy to press both buttons at the same time either turning the volume down or off when you want to cause the phone to sleep or causing the phone to sleep when you change the volume.
See:The 2 Things Apple Got Wrong with the iPhone 6 Plus

- The design of car headlights making them difficult to change.

Don Norman is the guru of design. His book "The Design of Everyday Things" is a classic.
See Designing for People

last updated 27 Feb 2017